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Oak Hill Help Desk Notification and Information:


For information on:

  • Support contact numbers for specific areas

  • IT Help Desk Information

  • Problems with the New Multi-Functional / Faxing & Scanning Devices

  • Problems with Internet or Phone Services

  • Problems with Alarms or Alarm Panels

  • Problems with Cable Television

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Join the Chapter 126 team and sign up for the “Couch to 5K” running programming that kicks off with an informational meeting on Wednesday July 8th at 6:30 p.m.  With our bi-weekly group runs and support, this program will have you ready for the Eversource Hartford Marathon – 5K in no time.  Sign up TODAY!

Click here for the Flyer!


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1 Up / 1 Down - Summer Tennis:


Our “Endless Summer” continues with a new program at Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness, 1 Up/1 Down Tennis!  An inclusive program for adults and children of all abilities.  Register online at www.chapter126.com or call 860-769-7047.  You don’t want to miss out on this program so sign up today! 

Click here for the flyer!


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Thanks to Sen. Chris Murphy  for meeting with some of our great co-workers at Hamden Day.


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Electronic Internal Transfer Process Effective June 1, 2015


We are excited to announce that Oak Hill is moving to a paperless electronic transfer process for all internal transfers effective June 1, 2015.  All employees will be required to submit transfer requests through our new Applicant Tracking System.  Managers and Supervisors will be trained on the new process and they then will hold communication sessions with their staff prior to June 1.  This process is easy to use and will enhance our ability to process transfers more quickly.


You will continue to be able to view postings on the intranet as you currently do and will be able to submit your transfer requests electronically by directly accessing the specific posting.


What should I do? To prepare for this transition, the best thing you can do is ensure that you have access to your Oak Hill e-mail account.  Effective June 1, all transfer request communications will be handled via your Oak Hill e-mail account only.


More information will be forthcoming for this exciting new capability to further enhance and streamline our work processes.


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Community Companion Home (CCH) Providers:


A CCH is a home in which you can provide care for someone that has a developmental disability.  This is an opportunity for you to give someone a place to live that is safe and comfortable.  **CCH providers can be paid up to $30,000.00 a year tax free depending on the individual placed.  Below, click the Community Companion Home Fact Sheet  for more information and click the Community Companion Home Provider Referral Form if you know someone who you believe would be a good candidate to be a Community Companion Home Provider.  If you have any questions, contact Ramona Jones 860-513-8967, Ramona.Jones@oakhillct.org


Community Companion Home Fact Sheet

Community Companion Home Provider Referral Form


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Oak Hill Camp 2015:


Recruiting for the 2015 season for Oak Hill Camp at Camp Harkness has begun.  Working at Oak Hill Camp is a unique and rewarding opportunity. We have a limited number of positions to fill, referrals are welcomed, with resume and cover letter attached.  All summer camp employment inquires can be directed to the attention of Amy Osorio, 860-242-2274 ext.3380, email: amy.osorio@oakhillct.org  For more information and flyers, click on the links below.


Oak Hill Camp 2015

Detailed Info for Camp

Referral Form for Camp Position


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Halloween Bash 2015:


Halloween Bash 2015, Friday, October 23rd. At The Neat Market Place!  Additional information will follow as we approach the Autumn Season. 


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Barry and Stan with 2nd District Rep. Joe Courtney in his Washington office., advocating for the people we support and those who support them.


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"A dream of building a sports and fitness center designed specifically for people with physical disabilities has come true.  Our new 25,000 square foot facility offers specialized fitness equipment, gymnasium, group exercise studio, fully accessible locker rooms, strength and conditioning specialists, adapted sports programs, health and wellness classes and so much more!  Our unique center located in Bristol is the first of its kind in New England.


Our goal is to help people with physical disabilities; teaching them how to live healthier lifestyles by engaging them in adaptive and supportive exercise and health education."


Thank you;






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REMINDER - No Pay Advise by Mail:


Oak Hill will no longer be mailing out paper pay statements starting this week for those who have direct deposit.  Anyone who receives a check will continue to have their check mailed until you have signed up for direct deposit.


You can view, store or print your pay advise directly from ADP. 


If you have not done so already, you will need to register on ADP in order to access your personal information. 


Attached is the newly revised guide to registering on ADP.  This guide will also be helpful in resetting your password if necessary.  Please do not hesitate to ask your manager for assistance if needed.  Click here!


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Family Champions Awards 2014:


Bob Cloonan, Oak Hill Parent and Volunteer, and Shirley Lyn, Oak Hill staff, were recognized this week as two of the Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies' 2014 Family Champions.




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Pat Johnson Honored:


Pat Johnson was recently honored as a Legacy Leader by the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), Oak Hill’s national trade association. The honor was awarded in recognition of Pat’s 45 years of human services leadership in Connecticut and his work with ANCOR over the past ten years, including serving as a board member and treasurer for the ANCOR Foundation.


From left: Barry Simon, Patrick Johnson, and Stan Soby


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DDS Contract Performance Review:

On Wednesday, we had our annual DDS Contract Performance Review meeting. While we will talk more specifically about the results in our meetings during May, we thought it important to give you an overall sense of the review with representatives of all three Regions.

Our services are viewed as among the best, with our Quality Service Review scores well above the statewide averages. People are satisfied with our services. As it was put to us, people stay with us. They don’t ‘vote with their feet’ - that is, exercise portability. Other metrics reviewed were just as positive.

The model that we use to support our CCHs was described as ‘unique’ and that was a positive comment. There was recognition that we were able to provide talented, experience people, that we had back-up systems in place and that we worked with the preferences of the CCH providers to make good matches.

They acknowledged that we pay a livable wage and provide good health benefits and they recognized the challenge of doing so under the LON-based rate system. We made sure they knew that it was important for us as agency to do so, even though it has been made incredibly difficult because of policy decisions made by DDS.

We do have some things that we could do better, but that is a part of the continuous improvement process.

The positive results achieved could not have happened without your commitment to our mission and the people we support. This is most critical at the point of contact with program participants, but also includes everyone in all areas of Oak Hill that support the daily work that is being done.

Thanks to all of you who help “set the standard.”

Anita, Ivana, Dave and Stan


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Employee & Manager Self Service through ADP:


Human Resources is excited to announce the rolling out of our Employee & Manager Self Service through ADP.   Attached  are the following documents that will assist you throughout this initiative:

•             ESS Announcement

•             Self Service Registration Instructions

•             Mobile Application Access

•             Self-Service Presentation

•             Registration Campaign Flyer


For all managers who have direct reports – we encourage you to go through the registration process as soon as you can so that you can assist your employees with their registration.  Please allow employees a few minutes to register as all employees are required to register while at work.  Once you have registered, please reach out to your employees and share the attached information with them.  Please print the ESS Announcement Memo and make sure each employee receives it and have available the instructions for them as they go through the registration process. 


Please print the Registration Campaign Flyer and post in a location where it is most visible to your employees.  i.e. by time clocks or employee/community boards.  Every employee must be registered on ADP by May 5th.  A direct link to the ADP website will be available on the Intranet Page.  Effective April 28th, Therap will also have a direct link to ADP. 


If you have any questions, please contact Jim Jones at 860-769-3836 or by email at jonesja@ciboakhill.org, 


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Oak Hill - Living the Mission:


A group of approximately 180 representatives from various roles within Oak Hill participated in a two-day kick off retreat for the Living the Mission Project sponsored by the Department of Developmental Services.  The group consisted of Direct Support Staff; the President and Vice President of Oak Hill; Directors; and various program staff from throughout the organization.  A draft report is being circulated to those who attended the two day workshop for an opportunity to provide feedback as to an accurate representation of the suggestions made by those in attendance.  To read the report, click here!  


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Corporate Media Campaign:


Oak Hill has embarked on a Corporate Media Campaign this week and we recently did our first TV commercial shoot.  A special thank you to our "stars": Shauntelle, Timmy, Steve and Barry for their participation!  There are presently 15 second spots airing on NPR and the TV commercial will roll out on WSFB and WVIT in the next week or so.  Below are a few shots from the commercial shoot.  It would be great if everyone would tell their friends and families to watch and listen for our spots.     



                           Barry Simon    Timmy    Shauntelle




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CT Governor Dannel Malloy, Logan, and Muffet McBride


Look who Logan ran into at Wendy's................


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Attached please find my testimony for the Public Health Committee hearing.  Feel free to cut and paste anything that rings true for you.  This is an excellent opportunity to remind your local legislators this is important to you.  Let them know your connection with Oak Hill and that their support matters to you! You can contact them directly http://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/CGAFindLeg.asp via email.





Click here to read Barry's testimony!


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Living the Mission - Day 1



For a description of the Mentoring Retreat, click here!


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To All CIB Employees:


We have had a few questions concerning how to read the codes on the pay advice.


For those who receive payment for overtime pay for hours worked on the Holiday the hours will be included in the total overtime hours on the 1/10 ADP pay advice and future.  There will no longer be a separate pay code showing the hours associated with the hours worked on the holiday.  The Overtime hours will reflect the total number of hours you worked over 40 hours for the week and any hours worked on the holiday that you are entitled to be paid at the overtime rate.  Union employees can refer to their Agreement to determine eligibility for hours paid for holiday time worked. 


The Overtime rate is paid at ½ rate because all hours in the Overtime rate are also included in the other regular hours.  The ½ rate is determined by the Dept of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 


We will update you as we receive more inquiries.  Thank you for your continued patience. 


Managers – please post this notice and share with all employees who do not have access to email.  Thank you!!



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Oak Hill Selects a New President

Oak Hill chairman of the board, Frank J. Szilagyi, Esq., is pleased to announce that Barry Simon has been selected by the Board of Directors as the new President of Oak Hill.  Mr. Simon brings 25 years of leadership in human services, with 17 served as the Executive Director of Gilead Services in Middletown, CT.  "Integrity, respect, leadership by example, advancing the mission of the agency and industry are values that are central" to Mr. Simon's work ethic.  Barry holds a Master's Degree in Health Care Administration, M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy, and B.A. in Psychology, all from the University of Connecticut.  In addition to his work at Gilead, he has served as an adjunct professor at Middlesex Community College in the Sociology Department.  Barry has also served on a variety of nonprofit boards of directors and public policy and behavioral health committees.  Barry resides in Hebron, CT with his wife Sue and three daughters.


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Oak Hill has launched a contest on FACEBOOK to encourage new people to "Like" us.  We would like to invite all staff to participate and encourage family and friends to "Like" us as well.  It's easy and will help to spread the word about Oak Hill!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Ruth Hayes at extension 3834.  




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DDS Schedule for 21-Hour Initial Med Cert Classes:


DDS has released the schedule for the next round of 21-hour initial med cert classes.  The calendar can be found at the following link:




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The Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies (CCFSA):


The Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies (CCFSA) has announced the graduation of 25 professionals from Connecticut nonprofit agencies who completed this year's Executive Leadership Training Program. This program, with funding from American Express, provided information, training and resources to help these individuals develop the leadership skills necessary to effectively partner with their CEO to carry out each organization's respective mission.

Sponsored by CCFSA, participants learned essential technical skills such as budgeting and finance, strategic planning and governance practices, as well as techniques preparing them for future leadership positions. Over the past three years, The Council has graduated 69 professionals from member agencies throughout Connecticut.

"We're thrilled to help these professionals take the next step toward becoming future leaders of nonprofit agencies," said Kim O'Rielly, CEO of The Council. "The enthusiasm and commitment to excellence exhibited by each participant was recognized and will only benefit the future of family-dedicated organizations throughout Connecticut."

Specifically, the training program consisted of seven full-day learning programs over 7 months focusing on nonprofit organization management with guest lecturers from different fields.

Graduates include Ana Wittig, Vice President, Education and  Ivana Chylinski, Assistant Director, Community Programs.


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National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week:

"Please join me in recognizing and thanking our direct support professionals for their dedication to the people we support and their efforts each day in helping people live more independent and productive lives. 

While their dedication is often most noted at a time of urgent need such as a snow storm or a hurricane, it is the daily contact with our program participants that truly defines the work our direct support professionals do.

National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week is a part of ANCOR’s National Advocacy Campaign. ANCOR is our national trade association and its staff and members like Oak Hill worked for passage of the Senate Resolution I have attached. Please note we were able to have Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy sign on as a co-sponsor.

I have also attached statements from CCPA, our state association, recognizing Governor Malloy’s support and from DDS Commissioner Macy expressing his appreciation.

While it has been a challenge at times to have some outside the field understand the value of our direct support professionals to the people we support and their families, we at Oak Hill recognize what an important part they play in helping all of us fulfill our Mission."


National Recognition Week/DSP Press Release 9-5-13


National Recognition Week/DSP Week Press Release 9-11-13


National Recognition Week/2013 U.S. Senate S.RES.208



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How To Use Web Mail:


To access your email from home or other locations away from Oak Hill, click on the  Web Mail  tab that is located on the task bar at the top of the Oak Hill Intranet front page.  There you will put in your user name as follows; ciboakhill\username and then your password.  Note that there is a backward slash \ between ciboakhill and your user name.  Remember, to access the Intranet from a location outside of Oak Hill, use http://intra.ciboakhill.org  (do not put in www).



































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